Beta Reading – New Reeferpunk Story from David Mark Brown!

I just wrapped up sending my feedback on the forthcoming newest installment in David Mark Brown’s Reeferpunk series of novels.  I also had the pleasure of beta reading his first two: Fistful of Reefer: Reeferpunk and The Austin Job.  His latest work builds on the two previous novels bringing back the main characters and throwing them once again into the line of fire.  This particular story’s setting struck a chord with me (yes, I am intentionally omitting details…) through the vivid descriptions David has created.  His character development continues to be strong amidst a good story.  If you are not reading to provide critical feedback, I think you will find David’s latest story a quick and fun read.

Oh – here’s a hint to anyone else beta reading, don’t use ePub in iBooks.  You can export (email, print) your notes, but not the highlighted sections.  The notes alone are pretty useless without the text to which they refer.  Several hours of transcription later…


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