Back in the Saddle Again!

I had nearly a 5,000 word weekend.  Which, since NaNoWriMo last November has been the only significant contribution of new content to The West Wind.

I know this will probably only fuel the fires of debate around the hazards of binge writing, but too bad.  I don’t think I would have even made it this far without the binge.  And at the very least I have the pressure of a half-finished draft of a novel to compel me to move forward.  Well sort of.

I have heard of writers who love to write but find every excuse to avoid actually doing it.  I think it was on one of the writing podcasts…  I most certainly believe that I am one of those types of writers.  The latest most well exploited excuse was my complete inability to get anywhere near one of the computers on which I typically write.  Solved that with a new ASUS netbook.  Which, I must say, is quite handy.  Perhaps it was just an excuse to rationalize a new toy.  Hmmmm.