Writing on Weekends

It looks like I have fallen into a habit of writing almost exclusively on the weekends.  Heading down to my favorite bookshop and bistro has also become part of my habit (see ‘appearances’ in the side bar).  I have heard that writing is a solitary activity, and I think there is truth in that.  I find myself in the world of my own creation.  That doesn’t mean that I need to isolate myself.  Whether it is sitting at the bookstore or at home, I can write while in the middle of others and the hubbub of activity.

Proof being – over 7,500 words this weekend.  A little more than 5 chapters to finish my first draft.  Too bad I cannot find one of those status bar widgets.

What a Writeriffic Weekend

I think I set a new non-NaNoWriMo record for productivity.  Over 6,000 words this weekend.  Bringing my total work count for The West Wind to over 82,000 words. I have 6 more chapters and a handful of scenes to complete.

It was Roland’s turn to run into trouble.  Ever have one of those days or weeks where nothing seems to go your way – that is how Roland was feeling by the end of the chapter.  I cannot say I feel bad for him, he brought it on himself.  Mostly.

Alpha Steam!

My first true alpha reader (my early teen daughter’s best friend) read up to chapter 16 and is a bit mad at me that I left her with a Rachel and Clarence cliff hanger.  Good news is that I know what happens next, bad news I haven’t written it yet.  She really enjoyed what I have completed though it is only a first rough draft.  Perhaps I should soften some of the edges and make it a YA novel….  Regardless, now I am getting pressured to finish the manuscript by my new audience.  Oh the pressure!

These are the sketches of Rachel and Clarence that she did while reading the manuscript.  They are made of awesome and I just had to share:

Rachel West

Rachel West

Clarence West

Clarence West

Light at the end of the tunnel

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have about 16 chapters (plus or minus) of content complete and I have also written the final chapter and epilogue. All that I need to do now to complete the first draft is connect the dots. From chapter 16 to the final chapter. The good news is that I have it all outlined and it is just a matter of writing the remaining chapters. My current standing is I need to complete 26 scenes. My system is to do three scenes per chapter. You can do the math, but it won’t work because I have a couple of chapters that do not have the full three chapters completed. So for now, the count is 26.