I am what I have heard frequently referred to as an “aspiring author.”

I am a father, a husband, and an IT Professional.  Enjoying the middle part of my life but constantly surprised at what that seems to bring on a regular basis.

I have always wanted to be a genre fiction writer.  Dabbled with it a couple of times in the past but it never really went anywhere.  I took a detour through board game design and have several published games to my credit.  Game design really excites me, seeing the mechanics and theme come together to make something that a couple of folks can sit down and enjoy.  I had a lot of fun putting those games together with a couple of close friends.  Now every time I see a post or someone playing one of my games at a con it makes me feel really great that I have been able to share some of that fun with others.  More about my games at SDR Games.

This time around I am taking the writing thing a lot more seriously.  It started with generous doses of encouragement from another writer, a couple of seminars at Gen Con, podcasts, and community college classes.

I started this blog based on some advice in a post on marketing in the truly exceptional Writing Excuses podcast.  Bought my domain name and established my writer brand name.  My plan for this blog is really nothing more than chronicling and sharing my journey to becoming a writer.

Which… basically went no where for many many years… like about 8.

Then something surprising happened.

I met a small independent publisher online, through Facebook of all things, that was interested in expanding beyond RPG game supplements into short and long fiction.  Several weeks of Facebook Messenger and phone calls and Tales from the Brymlight Observer was conceived.