Roland Pritchard – Character Sketch

I have been debating between Roland and Jakob as a main POV character in my current project “The West Wind.”  Both have strong stories to tell.  A little nod here to one of my favorite authors.


Roland Pritchard watched a towering storm cloud as it crept slowly toward the estate against the backdrop of a ruddy evening sky and felt a slight motion beneath his feet.   Odd, he thought, that the leading winds of the approaching storm would affect an estate this size.  Jakob Hardy had indeed told the truth though–   the view from his estate at this altitude was truly astounding.

“Jakob, I disagree with you.  You are being hasty,” Roland said still looking out the window.  “I think the prices could easily go higher.”

“It doesn’t matter.  We have him Roland.  We have him” Jakob said.

“Think about it Jakob.  Your reserves are still not large enough to move the market far enough in your favor.  You will make handsome profit certainly, but Whitley will just ride it out and we will have accomplished nothing.”  He heard the squeak of the leather chair Jakob sat in behind his large mahogany desk.

“Even you must see the truth in this Roland.  He owes too much. Selling now will crush him.”

There was a quiet tap at the study door.  Roland turned from the window to see a man in a well-tailored black frock coat and matching leather gloves enter carefully carrying an unpresumptuous black valise.  Roland was relieved to see Jeremiah Wilkins wearing his gloves; the appearances of those wretched hands were deeply disturbing.  Jeremiah carefully placed the black valise on Jakob’s desk.

“We caught up with him in an Overland Stage outside of Wyattville” said Wilkins.  He was traveling with a Grounder woman and boy.  “We searched the Stage and found the valise with the money and watch making tools just as we were told we would.”

“Where is he now?”

Jerimiah pointed at the valise.  Jakob opened it and then quickly snapped it shut.  He raised his eyebrows and gave Jeremiah an appreciative nod.

“And the woman and boy?”

“They were not a problem.”

Roland turned back to the window to hide his dismay.  The storm was growing closer.

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