NaNoWriMo Update – “The West Wind”

Being the first time through NaNoWriMo I am learning several things.

First: 1667 words a day is a lot.

Second: I am glad I did as much pre-writing as I did – it is helping me out tremendously.  I just don’t feel like I am staring at a page wondering what to do next.  I take a look at my story lines and I know roughly what I need to accomplish in the next several scenes.

Third: I am finding that outlining a bunch of scenes at a broader level makes the writing go a lot faster.  I lose a little ground as I replace my outline with real text, but it has been a super help.

Finally, Did I mention 1667 words is a lot!  I got behind early due to some other obligations and just haven’t seemed to get caught back up.  I am finding it easier to write and write regularly.  I look forward to it and so far have not gotten discouraged.

19,505.  About 3,800 off where I should be at this point.


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